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Queensmead Primary Academy

More information about the training and experience of the SEN & Inclusion Team

The SEN and Inclusion Team is led by a SENCO with the National SENCO Award. The SENCO is supported by a wider network: regularly attending SENCO briefing and training days, provided by both Greenwood Academies Trust and the local authority, to update their knowledge and understanding of SEN provision, practice and requirements.

The specialist TAs within the SEN Team have lengthy and wide-ranging experience of working with children with a variety of special needs. They are particularly experienced in working with speech and language difficulties, as this is one of the most frequent needs of children at Queensmead. Both TAs can deliver speech therapy and language group sessions and they work closely with the Speech and Language Therapists to take advice about individual children and learn the skills they need to work with those children. Both have attended training courses, such as ELKLAN and Let's Talk.

Our inclusion worker has extensive experience of working with children and families in different settings. She has undertaken training courses in areas of mental health,therapy and family support.

All staff within the SEN Team attend training courses related to specific difficulties or areas of practice to keep their knowledge updated.