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Queensmead Primary Academy

Academy Staff

Academy Leadership Team

Mrs L Latham - Principal
Mrs R Catlow - Deputy Principal & Year 6 Teacher
Mrs S Bentley - Deputy Principal & Year 6 Teacher
Mrs M Richards - Assistant Principal & Year 3 Teacher
Mr K Gobey - Assistant Principal & Year 6 Teacher
Miss M Frost - EYFS Phase Lead & F2 Teacher
Miss J Onions - KS1 Leader of Learning & Year 1 Teacher
Miss C Holmes - SENDCo

Front Of House

Mrs G Grimes - Office Manager
Miss N Buswell - PA to the Principal, Health and Safety contact & OVC
Mrs H Haywood - Administration Assistant
Miss L Sewell - Attendance Officer & Behaviour Mentor
Miss K Hargreaves - Inclusion Support Worker
Ms M Dye - Finance Officer

Teaching Staff

Mrs A Jones - F1 Teacher
Mrs R Coulton - F2 Teacher
Mrs H McCartney - F1/F2 Teacher
Mrs S Chivers - Year 1 PPA Cover Teacher
Mrs R Wyglendacz - Year 1 Teacher
Mrs Kendrick - Year 1 Teacher
Mrs K Sorg-Malyon - Year 1 Teacher
Mrs A Alton - Year 2 Teacher
Mrs L Inwood - Year 2 Teacher
Miss R Bradley - Year 3 Teacher
Mrs M Richards - Year 3 Teacher
Mrs P McConaghy - Year 3 Teacher
Mrs N Cory - Year 4 Teacher
Miss A Fletcher-Brown - Year 4 Teacher
Mrs E Peutherer - Year 5 Teacher
Miss L Brewin - Year 5 Teacher
Miss C Owen - Trainee Teacher
Miss A Nassan - Trainee Teacher

Support Staff

Mrs M Hextall - HLTA
Mrs F Baiyat - Learning Mentor
Miss J Bradley - Learning Mentor
Mr D Gordon - Sports Coach
Miss S Alexander - Learning Assistant
Mrs J Barker - Learning Assistant
Mrs L Betts - Learning Assistant
Mrs P Bevans - Learning Assistant
Miss J Blaylock - Learning Assistant & MFL Tutor
Mrs D Brock - Learning Assistant
Mrs S Button - Learning Assistant
Miss M Colclough - Learning Assistant
Mrs K Devonport - Learning Assistant
Mrs D Dewick - Learning Assistant
Mrs M Harris - Learning Assistant
Mrs C Ingall - Learning Assistant
Miss K Ivers - Learning Assistant
Mrs R Lambert - Learning Assistant
Miss T Lander - Learning Assistant
Miss D McKay - Learning Assistant
Mrs B McManus - Learning Assistant
Mrs D Perkins - Learning Assistant
Miss C Pope - Learning Assistant
Mrs S Shields - Learning Assistant
Miss C Smith - Learning Assistant
Ms J Smith - Learning Assistant
Miss M Smith - Learning Assistant
Miss M Smith - Learning Assistant
Mrs F Sturgess - Learning Assistant
Mrs W Wilson - Learning Assistant

Premises & Midday Supervisors

Mr S Ingall - Premises Officer & Health & Safety Rep
Mrs C Beardsmore - Cleaner in Charge
Mrs L Ward - Senior Midday Supervisor
Miss S Martin - Midday Supervisor
Miss M Smith - Midday Supervisor
Mrs J Ryan - Midday Supervisor
Miss K Whiteman - Midday Supervisor
Mrs D Stacey - Midday Supervisor
Miss N Newby - Midday Supervisor
Miss K Martin - Midday Supervisor
Miss C Clark - Midday Supervisor
Miss N Henderson - Midday Supervisor
Mrs Z Bott - Midday Supervisor


Mrs K Duffield - Chef Manager
Miss N Underwood - Assistant Chef
Miss R Harcourt - Catering Assistant
Miss M Green - Catering Assistant