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Queensmead Primary Academy

Maths Challenges

Could you be a Maths Detective?

Every month we set a new Maths challenge for pupils to take part in. Some of these can be done at home with their Parents/Carers. All entries need to placed in the box next to the Maths Detective display. 

Why not have a go with your child this month?

Don't forget to put your entries in the box before the deadline, or use the entry form opposite.

Due to the current situation with Covid-19, please submit your entry for this months challenge using the online Maths Challenge entry form on the top right of this page.
July 2020

How many toes can you see? How many feet?

How many hands? How many fingers?

How many fingers and toes in total?

What is the easiest way to solve this problem?

Friday 21st August.     
June 2020

How many pigs are in this picture?


Friday 3rd July There are 84 pigs in the picture.

Congratulations to Ruvarashe in Yr 3 who had the closest estimate of 79. 

Also a special mention for thinking creatively to Kunj in Yr 4 and Hetvi in Yr 3 who said there was only 1 pig as the rest are piglets.

June 2020

How many blocks are in the picture below?


Friday 19th June There are 66 blocks in the picture. Congratulations to Muhammed in Yr 6, Grace and Zak in Yr 5, Lucy and Jensen in Yr 4, Amelija in Yr 3 an Imogen in Yr 2.
May 2020

How many squares can be made by joining 4 of the dots in the grid below?

They can be any size or orientation but all sides must be equal in length.


Friday 5th June There are 11 squares in the grid. Congratulations to Rajvir and Ryan in Year 6 and Meghna in Year 2
February 2020

Take a look at the photo's of different fruit. How many do you see in all three pictures? How did you count them?

Extra Challenge: Can you estimate how many pieces of fruit there are all together?

Friday 27th March 2020

There are 27 Oranges, 20 Peaches, approx 240 Raspberries. 

Extra Challenge: There is approximately 287 pieces of fruit altogether.

The following winners have been chosen at random: Bailey in Yr 4 for Oranges, Peter in Yr 5 for Peaches and Ahsan for Raspberries who estimated 242.

Extra Challenge: Spencer in Yr 5 who estimated 287 pieces of fruit altogether.

January 2020

In the puzzle below, there are 31 squares. Is this True of False?

Extra Challenge: How many triangles and squares are in this puzzle.

Friday 7th February 2020

The answer is True, there are 31 squares in the puzzle.

Extra Challenge:

There are 95 squares and triangles altogether.

Congratulations to Rajvir in Yr 6 and Grace in Yr 5.
December 2019

How many baubles do you think will fit into Santa's sack? Extra Challenge: If each bauble cost 25p, how much will it cost to fill Santa's sack with baubles?

Friday 13th December 2019

240 baubles fit into Santa's sack.

Extra Challenge:

If each bauble cost 25p, it would cost £60 to fill Santa's sack.

Congratulations to Julia in Year 5 and Avnee in Year 1 who both estimated 251.
September 2019

How many house point coins do you think will fit into this jar?

Extra Challenge: If each class in year 1, 2 and 3 earned 69 house points each. How many house points would they have collected altogether?

Friday 11th October 2019